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Tenant fees.

Services for Tenants in the North East.

If (other than by using a solicitor) we send you a Section 8 Housing Act 1988 notice because you have broken this agreement, you must pay our reasonable costs of not more than £35, including VAT. We will not charge you for any covering letter. (The guidance prevents charging for a letter and does not mention s8)

If your Bank returns a cheque, standing order or direct debit unpaid, you must pay our reasonable costs of not more than £35 inc vat. That is because, as a result of your breach, we have to amend our records, email the landlord and email you and any guarantor, which takes time.

If we have a genuine reason to believe that you have abandoned the property and we have to visit the property and speak to neighbours and authorities, you agree to pay our reasonable costs of not more than £50, including VAT. You can avoid that by keeping in contact. Doc ID: CO5F9552AD0427453465851603621549

Damage to the property caused by tenant neglect or neglect of persons invited to the property by the tenant you agree to pay the bill from the workman plus up to £50 admin costs for our time in arranging these matters.


Failure to keep appointments such as Gas Safety Inspections, periodic Inspections which had been previously agreed, unless cancelled no later than 12 hours beforehand you agree to pay an admin charge of up to £50

If you leave without giving notice you must pay rent for the period you should have given notice. This will be claimed against the deposit if possible.

Leaving early is a breach of the tenancy and you agree to pay 1/12th the cost of Letting Agents fees for each month left on the fixed term tenancy, plus rent due until a suitable new tenant moves in, plus £249 for the cost of advertising for new tenants, showing them around the property, conducting credit and Right to Rent checks, preparing a new AST and protecting a new deposit and arranging a new Inventory.

Where rent has been overpaid during the tenancy and we incur administration costs in dealing with its calculation and repayment a fee of £25 will be charged. This would be a breach of the terms of the tenancy as the amount of rent to be paid is explained in the contract.

If you lose your copy of the Tenancy Agreement we will provide a copy for £6 inc vat


You will be responsible for any reasonable call-out charges if you wrongfully ask for a workman to come to the property, and this is due to incorrect information or against our or our agent’s advice. The most you will have to pay is the workman’s invoice.

You will pay our reasonable legal costs as ordered by the court if we have to evict you for rent arrears. We will claim against the above from your deposit or via the small claims court. We will not make a claim without fully proving our actual losses.

We manage many Landlords Properties throughout the North East.

We have an extensive knowledge and have been serving this area for many years. If you cannot find the property you are looking for, please register with our services. Our team will do our best to try and find a suitable home for you.